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Fortae is a boutique consulting firm specializing in digital transformation.

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We help you research all sorts of complex problems regarding the digital future of your business and your market.


We advise you on a wide range of topics from the digital transformation of your business processes to the use of blockchain-based smart contracts.


We help you develop innovative, tech-driven prototypes of potential new products and services.

Our areas of expertise

We assist companies of all sizes and from various industries with digital business model innovation, product development and cultural change management. We assess your digitalisation needs and help you transform your business. We are specialised in the targeted use of Blockchains (Distributed Ledgers) and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital seems to be the 21st century's promise of salvation. We help you seeing past the buzz and develop actionable strategies to make your business fit for the future.

We started working with Blockchains in early 2014, even before the launch of Ethereum. Since then, we have helped numerous clients to understand and use this technology. We assess the potential impact Blockchains might have on your business and industry, while also developing some prototypical solutions.

We help you with a realistic assessment of current capabilities of AI, its disruptive potential for your business and concrete use cases that are possible already today.

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Want to learn about Blockchains and digital business transformation, but without all the fuzzy buzzwords? We offer concise executive education classes as well as innovation workshops, lasting from 3 hours to 2 days.

See our interactive demo on distributed ledgers for an example of how we work.
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Swiss and global

Our interdisciplinary team based in Switzerland works for clients from both the public as well as the private sectors from all over the world.

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